Get to know our team!

The right staffing of the various tasks in the team and good cooperation are the key to success. Each of us is specialized in his or her field and has a clear area of responsibility. This allows us to work effectively. Since we have known each other for many years, communication in the team also works very well and we have a lot of fun in addition to all the work.

Alexander Tod

Management & Production

Alex is our team manager, he is responsible for the complete organization as well as for the project and time management in the team. In addition, he keeps in touch with the sponsors and monitors our finances. The production of our car also falls into his area of responsibility. Furthermore he is responsible for the construction and animation of our team box.

Ritvij Singh

Design & Development

Ritvij is the designer of our team. He develops and optimizes our car so that we can achieve the fastest possible times. His test concepts, calculations and innovative ideas are crucial to our success. He also works with different materials to optimize the weight and stability of our car.

Ben Gehr

Graphic Design, IT & Media

Ben is the graphic designer of the team. His job is to design our external appearance from the website to the postings on Instagram to our portfolio, the team box banners and our new flyers. The design of our car is also his creative work. In addition, he takes care of our photos and videos.

Introduction Video

Together with our Cinecore Motion Pictures we shot an introduction video, which gives an insight into our collaboration and goals.


German Vice Champion Senior 2021

State champion Senior Baden-Württemberg 2021

Fastest car Senior Baden Württemberg 2021

Best verbal presentation Senior Baden-Württemberg 2021

German Champion Junior 2020

Best verbal presentation Junior Baden-Württemberg 2020

Best Portfolio Junior Deutsche Meisterschaft 2020

Best Pit display Junior Deutsche Meisterschaft 2020