Sustainability is in itself a very broad term, which is nowadays used more and more often here and there. Strictly speaking, however, one must distinguish between three essential areas of sustainability:

Ecological sustainability

  • Resource Reward
  • Emission reduction
  • Preservation of ecosystems
  • Avoid irreversible damage

Economic sustainability

  • Innovation potential
  • long-term growth
  • Efficient corporate management and use of resources
  • Value creation

Social sustainability

  • Solidarity system
  • Equality
  • Securing employment
  • Poverty alleviation
  • equitable distribution of resources

In addition, there are moral and cultural responsibilities:

  • Transparent communication
  • Cultural Promotion
  • Educational Programs
  • Cooperation
  • Donations for charity

Even outside of things like "World Earth Day" or "Pride Month", we and as people of this earth have to be aware of our responsibilities and try to act as sustainably as possible in the different areas.

Our contribution to a sustainable world

We as Momentum Racingteam also have such a responsibility and are well aware of it. Here is an overview of how we try to meet this responsibility and suggestions on how you can simply live more sustainably:


  • We try not to produce conventionally but ecologically
  • Use any sustainable or recycled materials where possible
  • Use biodegradable products
  • Clothing made of organic cotton, abandonment of polyester
  • Use of existing production and transport networks (e.g. public transport)
  • Digitization of advertising space, resource-efficient marketing


  • Efficient use of funds
  • Offer a return on investment, give something back for a service received
  • Production and acquisition of new goods well considered to avoid waste of resources
  • Internalization of negative externalities, compensating for the damage done to the environment, e.g. through donations to environmental organizations.


  • Events in public with information transfer and offer of a unique leisure experience (e.g. F1 in Schools Switzerland)
  • Supervise junior teams at school, provide tutoring.
  • The production of our car serves as a teaching task for apprentices in companies serve
  • Promote STEM professions, expand the STEM sector, and make it more attractive to young people.
  • Our sponsors represent possible job opportunities for visitors of our channels
  • Buy fair trade products if possible
  • Auction of the Art Car for a good cause