On 08.05.2022 we had the opportunity to present F1 in Schools as specialists in our field at the Motorworld Manufaktur Zurich region. 

The goal of the organizers is to increase the use of F1 in Schools as a STEM activity in Switzerland in the coming years. 

The comprehensive program allowed visitors to build their own little F1 car, drive it on a small test track and later compete with the official F1 in Schools cars in reaction duels and races. Meanwhile, we were allowed to tell about the competition itself and about our work and experience over the past six years.

In addition, we were able to meet the second German team that will be competing for the World Championship at Silverstone next July - Sonic Boom. With visits from Sauber Group Head of Aerodynamics Alessandro Cinelli and Principal Wind Tunnel Testing Aerodynamicist Simon Ritchie, the event provided us with additional exciting conversations and important contacts.

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