STEM - What does that actually mean?

STEM is an abbreviation and stands for the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathamatics. These sciences are among the most innovative economic fields and are therefore in high demand. 

The various STEM fields are central to teamwork, good knowledge helps us work efficiently and develop our car in the best possible way.

STEM connects many areas, which we also deal with on a daily basis in our project:


  • Calculations of various physical parameters
  • Cw value
  • Acceleration
  • Mass
  • Attack surface


  • CAD construction
  • CFD simulations
  • Graphic programs
  • Website programming


  • Physical experiments
  • Materials science
  • Material tests


  • Development and construction of the car
  • technical drawings
  • Manufacturing process


In the course of the project, we had the opportunity to interview people from different areas of the project on the topic of STEM and Formula 1 at school. You can read them here (German only)

Interview with the trainees of FOERSTER

Interview with Andreas Rauthe

- Head of training at Fischer

Interview with Vincent Korte

- Trainee at Fischer

Interview with our designer Ritvij

- Who, at the age of 14, is already doing early studies in computer science at the University of Stuttgart.

Interview with Markus Vetter

- Vice world champion 2019 and dual studies

STEM-Event on 05/30/2021!

Erleben Sie unser Team als MINT-Botschafter beim MOTOR-Treff auf dem Böblinger Flugfeld vor der Motorworld Stuttgart am Sonntag, den 30.05.2021! Hier können Sie von 11- 16 Uhr unsere Autos in Aktion erleben, in einem Reaktionstest gegen uns antreten oder sogar selbst eines der Autos starten. Natürlich stehen wir Ihnen für Ihre Fragen rund um das Thema Formel 1 in der Schule und MINT zur Verfügung.

MINT-Livestream am 30.05.2021

Verfolgen Sie unseren Livestream vom MOTOR-Treff am 30.05.2021 um 13:30 Uhr auf Twitch mit Impressionen von der Rennbahn, der Motorworld und spannenden MINT-Interviews!